Elisabeth Tonnard

Overview of publications


The Library, self-published, Leerdam, 2015.
The Lovers, self-published, Berlin, 2015.
Husch!, self-published, Berlin, 2015.
Tischblumenbilder, self-published, Berlin, 2015.
Mein Buch, self-published, Berlin, 2015.
Wiederholungszwang, self-published, Leerdam, 2014.
They Were Like Poetry, self-published, Leerdam, 2014.
In this Dark Wood, J&L Books, Scranton, PA 2013.
The Kingdom, self-published, Leerdam, 2013.
The Gospel of the Photographer, self-published, Leerdam, 2013.
One Swimming Pool, self-published, Leerdam, 2013.
The Man of the Crowd, self-published, Leerdam, 2012.
We are small, self-published, Leerdam, 2012.
Two Impulses, self-published, Leerdam, 2012.
Recounted, self-published, Leerdam, 2012.
The Invisible Book, self-published, Leerdam, 2012.
De dichter spreekt weer, self-published, Leerdam, 2012.
Another World, self-published, Leerdam, 2011.
The Death of the Photographer. A Rehearsal, self-published, Leerdam, 2011.
Enduring Freedom. The Poetry of the President, self-published, Leerdam, 2011.
The Story of a Young Gentleman, self-published, Leerdam, 2011.
ABC Reviews, self-published, Leerdam, The Netherlands, 2011.
A Dialogue in Useful Phrases, self-published, Acquoy, The Netherlands, 2010.
“Speak! eyes – En zie!, Druksel, Gent, Belgium, 2010.
Mood: Potential, included in JAB27, Chicago, IL 2010.
De wereld zou meeuw, Druksel, Gent, Belgium, 2009.
Interior Monologue, self-published, Acquoy, Netherlands, 2009.
The Man of the Crowd, self-published, Rochester, NY 2008.
In this Dark Wood, self-published, Rochester, NY 2008.
Contemplation, self-published, Rochester, NY 2008.
Where Is God, self-published, Rochester, NY 2007.
Oceanus, self-published, Rochester, NY 2007.
De wereld is er, Druksel, Gent, Belgium, 2007.
Two of Us, self-published/VSW Press, Rochester, NY 2007.
Terra Nullius, self-published, Rochester, NY 2006.
Whiteout, self-published, Rochester, NY 2006. 2nd ed. 2007/2008.
The Book of the World, self-published, Rochester, NY 2006.
Let us go then, you and I, self-published, Acquoy, Netherlands, 2003.

(Visual) Essays and other contributions

Contribution in The Photographer’s Playbook, ed. Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern, Aperture, 2014.
‘A Dialogue’ artist pages in Eikon Magazine, #86, Vienna, May 2014.
Artist pages ‘In this Dark Wood’, Columbia Journal of Literature and Art, Issue 52, NY, May 2014.
Artist page in Artist’s Book Yearbook 2014-15, ed. Sarah Bodman, Impact Press, UWE Bristol, Sept 2013.
‘Two Swimming Pools’ in Afterimage (Vol. 41, No. 1), July 2013.
‘Being there and not being there’ curated set of artists’ books, December 2012.
‘Monochromatic Bits’ in Local Colour: Ghosts, Variations, In Edit Mode Press, December 2012. Read online.
Introduction to Mishka Henner’s book Less Américains, Manchester, January 2012. Read online.
‘His Virtues were Equal to his Descent’ visual contribution in Toad Journal, Virginia Tech, March 2011.
‘Three Stories’, visual story in Aambacht, nr. 1, Imprimitiv, Brussels, November 2010. Read online.
‘On a Roll’, visual essay, Extra, magazine of FoMu Antwerp, nr. 4, January 2010. Read online.
Contribution ‘Uitstel’ to Vouwblad 7: Klein Woordenboek over Tijd, ed. by Max Kisman, November 2009.
‘Eeuwig struikelen’, essay on W.G. Sebald, in: De Gids, nr. 4, April 2006. Read online.
‘Umberto Eco’ in: F. Musarra & B. Van den Bossche (ed.), Italiaanse letterkunde na 1900, deel II: 1945-2000, Leuven, Peeters, 2004.
‘Echt™’ essay in: Kwartaalblad Boeddhisme, nr. 4, 2003.
‘Kafka’s Eine kaiserliche Botschaft; lezing voor een moment’, in: Teken en Traditie, opstellen voor Ulla Musarra, E. Mulder, H. Ester, W. Siccama (ed.), Nijmegen University Press, 2002.
‘In het oog, in het hart’ essay in: Trouw, June 2 , 2001.
‘Leiderschap in een wereld zonder goden’ in: Het tijdperk der reuzen is voorbij. Thema, 1999.
‘Umberto Eco’s Il pendolo di Foucault; het herschrijven van de geschiedenis’, in: Incontri, 1998.

Poetry in literary magazines

Eight poems, in: Poëziekrant, 37, nr.1, February 2013. Read online.
‘Life, she thought’ and two other poems in: nY, nr.15, November 2012.
‘En zie!’ in: Tortuca, nr. 29, 2012.
‘De snelwegschutter’ in: nY, nr.13, March 2012. Read online.
‘Wilde dieren duiken op in steden’ in: Parmentier, 19, nr.1, March 2010. Read online.
‘De wandeling’ in: nY, nr. 4, December 2009. Read online.
‘Jungle Haard’ in: nY, nr. 3, November 2009. Read online.
‘Hij mag niet in de tuin’ in: nY, nr. 2, July 2009. Read online.
‘De bergen zijn grijs’ in: Revolver, 140, December 2008. Read online.
‘Due date’ and ‘New Sentence’ imagetexts in: Parmentier, 17, nr. 2, 2008. Read online.
Five poems, in: Revolver, 138, June 2008. Read online.
Five poems, in: Armada, December 2003.
‘Schaduwportretten’ imagepoetry using English epitaphs, in: Tortuca, May 2003. Read online.
‘Enduring Freedom; The Poetry of the President’ in: Armada, December 2001.

Prose in literary magazines

‘Het leven als tuurder’ in: Samplekanon, September 20, 2013.
‘Gevonden tekst: Het leven op de loop’ in: nY, nr. 4, December 2009.
‘Gevonden tekst: Het leven als bode’ in: nY, nr. 3, November 2009. Read online.
‘Gevonden tekst: Het leven als bloeier’ in: nY, nr. 2, July 2009. Read online.
‘Ergens waar zij ook is’ vertaald in beperkt vocabulaire, in: Yang, nr. 2 July 2007.
‘Kleine wereld’ in: Revolver, 133, March 2007. Read online.
‘Gevonden teksten’ in: Yang, nr. 2, July 2006. Read online.
‘De straat’ in: Dietsche Warande en Belfort, nr. 1, February 2006. Read online.
‘Ergens waar zij ook is’ in: Armada, tijdschrift voor wereldliteratuur, April 2004.
‘Het leven een werkdag in: Armada, tijdschrift voor wereldliteratuur, July 2002. Read online.
‘Jezus wat een baan’ in: Vox, June 2001.


‘Utopia/’ Lisa Robertson, in nY, nr. 8, January 2011.
‘Gedichten’ Rae Armantrout, in Parmentier, 17, nr. 2, 2008.
‘Gedichten’ Rae Armantrout, in Yang, nr. 4, 2007.
‘Berlijnse verhalen’ Robert Walser, in: Yang, nr. 1, April 2007. Read online.
‘Gedichten’ Denise Riley, in Yang, nr. 2, 2006.
‘Kleist in Thun’ Robert Walser, in: Yang, nr. 3, October 2005. Read online.

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