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New work: Indirections


Indirections is a series of pamphlets that focus on the manoeuvring involved when things are presented to the public eye. Duplicitous language, selective filters, whether the deceptions of Soviet propaganda or the deceits that I find in my local newspaper (and they are surprisingly similar), bend and spin things that perhaps were never even straight to begin with. Each item in the series is a folded sheet containing a single found image and its caption. The caption is on the front, the image is hidden inside. By uncoupling them, the two elements are each given their own stage – as a result a new space opens up between them. In that space a small tragicomedy is played out.

There are now eight pamphlets published. This is not a closed set; more may be added to this series eventually and each pamphlet can function by itself. Each is an A3 sized sheet, folded to 14 x 29,7 cm and digitally printed on 300 gsm paper in an edition of 90 copies (not numbered).

Each pamphlet is priced at €7,50. If you like to order one or more pamphlets, you can use the webshop, or order by email. A flat fee for shipping applies. No matter how many pamphlets you order, shipping to The Netherlands is €5,- shipping to anywhere else is €10,-.

The pamphlets will be available at my table at Miss Read from May 4-6.

Below is an overview of the series and a peek at some images.

The children found a loving environment in this kindergarten built by Treptower communists on Kiefholzstraße.


There are always active goings-on at Neustädtischer Markt.


Everything that has been achieved here is the result of an alliance of science, engineering, and inspired toil by tens of thousands of enthusiasts.

Ankie Bergsma and Jannie de Jong have an eye for the latest trends.


Residents of Patrimoniumstraat 7 to 21 in Leerdam get a front garden as part of the project ‘People are the Neighborhood’.

Board member John Brouwer and architect Reinier Noordhof are delighted with the new Rehoboth.

Ilker Yilmaz: “I am really addressing the connective tissue.”


A (perhaps the) highlight of the show are Tonnie and Tootsie.


Written by Elisabeth Tonnard

May 2, 2018 at 9:13 am

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