Elisabeth Tonnard

The Plan

Some photos of installations of my artist book The Plan in exhibitions.

Bild 9

Installation of The Plan at Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, in the exhibition From Far Away. Images of the GDR.. A copy of the Plan in wooden frame, 9 GDR folders containing further copies of the Plan, 24 photographs in vitrine, text in golden letters on wall. Photo © Nikolaus Steglich.


Vitrine with 24 photographs at Villa Stuck.


Vitrine with 24 photographs at Villa Stuck.


The Plan at Noorderlicht House of Photography in Groningen. Artist book on pedestal, GDR folders, a copy of the Plan in vitrine, slogan on wall.


GDR folders containing the Plan at Noorderlicht.


The Plan in vitrine at Noorderlicht.


Slogan at Noorderlicht.

Written by Elisabeth Tonnard

July 13, 2019 at 2:51 pm