Elisabeth Tonnard

The Lovers


This book is based around screenshots that were made while watching ‘Discarded: Joachim Schmid and the Anti-Museum,’ a video about Joachim Schmid’s work, realized by the Hillman Photography Initiative at the Carnegie Museum of Art in 2014. At one point in this documentary Schmid is at a flea market in Berlin, looking through a pile of junked photographs. For a brief moment his perusal and the movements of his hands caused the stack to tell the story captured here.

Full color digital printing, 24 page stapled brochure, size 21 x 28 cm, in enclosure size 23 x 32 cm.

Edition limited to 100 numbered copies.

Priced at € 28,- plus shipping. See more images here.

Published in Berlin, 2015.

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The book is included in the collections of Bibliothèque Kandinsky (Centre Pompidou), Columbia University, Franklin Furnace, Kunstbibliothek (Berlin), the National Library of The Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) and the Thomas J. Watson library at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

What this book does well, is reconsidering the value and the meaning of decontextualised object, through interpretative possibilities of the photographs isolated in (and from) space and time. […] It’s minimalist look and spacious layout place images into a void, open for new stories and relationships. Egidija Čiricaitė on Collective Investigations


Written by Elisabeth Tonnard

June 2, 2015 at 2:24 pm