Elisabeth Tonnard

Indirections #9

A new pamphlet was published within the series Indirections. It is #9 in this series of image-text pamphlets.

The series focuses on the manoeuvring involved when ideas are presented to the public eye with the aim of persuasion. Whether it’s the deceptions of Soviet propaganda or the minor deceits that I find in my local newspaper, things are bent and spun and twisted into what the powers that be want us to believe. The series demonstrates this by showing found image-and-caption combinations from books, leaflets and newspapers. Each item in the series is a folded sheet containing a single found image with its caption. The caption is on the front, the image is hidden inside. By uncoupling them, the two elements are each given their own stage – as a result a new space opens up between them. In that space a small tragicomedy is played out. It appears that at times images can be a bit stubborn and reveal slightly different truths from the ones implied by the words coupled to them.

More details about the pamphlets can be found here. Johan Velter recently wrote about the series in this post on his blog (in Dutch).

The #9 pamphlet can now be ordered, copies of #1 to 8 are still available as well. They are priced at €7,50. Order through the webshop or by email. A flat fee for shipping applies.


Written by Elisabeth Tonnard

August 13, 2019 at 5:36 pm

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