Elisabeth Tonnard

Indirections #11

Pamphlet #11: Deputy Mayor Nico van Driel picks up tompouces at the Hema, is now available within the series Indirections.

The series focuses on the manoeuvring involved when ideas are presented to the public eye with the aim of persuasion. Whether we look at Soviet propaganda or at minor deceits in the local newspaper: things are bent, spun and twisted. The series presents found image-and-caption combinations from books, leaflets and newspapers. Each item in the series is a folded sheet containing a single found image with its caption. The caption is on the front, the image is hidden inside.

More details about the pamphlets and an overview can be found here.

The pamphlets are priced at €7,50. Order through the webshop or by email.

Written by Elisabeth Tonnard

December 9, 2020 at 4:16 pm

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