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Discussion of The Invisible Book

Instead of showing itself, it shows “that which allows it to exist”…

Annette Gilbert, quoted above, provides a two-page analysis of The Invisible Book as an institutional object in Publishing as Artistic Practice. The volume, also edited by Gilbert, was recently released by Sternberg Press and contains contributions by Hannes Bajohr, Paul Benzon, K. Antranik Cassem, Bernhard Cella, Annette Gilbert, Hanna Kuusela, Antoine Lefebvre, Matt Longabucco, Alessandro Ludovico, Lucas W. Melkane, Anne Moeglin-Delcroix, Aurélie Noury, Valentina Parisi, Michalis Pichler, Anna-Sophie Springer, Alexander Starre, Nick Thurston, Rachel Valinsky, Eva Weinmayr, Vadim Zakharov.

On a related note, the second edition of The Invisible Book recently sold out. Copies of the first edition are occasionally available through the Ebay auctions that Joachim Schmid puts up (he bought all copies).

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May 5, 2016 at 5:00 pm

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